Tribound Podcast Episode 1 — Keith Burgun

Welcome to the Tribound podcast. In this podcast I’ll be inviting guests from within the various sections of the games industry and talk about game design, development and related issues.

Our first guest is Keith Burgun, an indie designer and developer who runs his own website . In this episode we talked about design and indie dev.


Download link


4 thoughts on “Tribound Podcast Episode 1 — Keith Burgun”

  1. I just see the play-button and no download option. I want to listen to that episode offline as mp3, not streaming, on my smartphone. Do I miss something?
    And sadly i don’t see an RSS-feed. This would help me to get automatically notifications, and the download option, about new episodes. I’d love to see that.


      1. I can prove it works. 🙂
        Thanks a lot. I’m waiting for the next episode.
        Sadly the quality was that bad. Hopefully something can here be improved. The content was it worth to listen 🙂
        Another impressions from my side:
        – sometimes it sounded like you cut him right in the middle of an argumentation so he can’t finished that. That left me unsatisfied, because I didn’t understand why you did it.

        I mostly like the advice from Keith not to let a strategy game like look it is one. 🙂 good point.


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